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Andrew Rocklage, the Charismatic and Innovative Businessman

\Andrew Rocklage is a legal counselor, an innovator, and an uncanny corporate mind and investor. He is well read and has the advantage of being intelligent. Also, he is charismatic and has social skills that enable him to thrive in business. The scholarly mind went to a prestigious institution for his undergraduate studies, the Suffolk University Law School.

Not content with the rich wealth of education and skills that the university had instilled in him, he decided to further his studies. He attended the Isenberg School of Management to sharpen his managerial skills, making him a better legal counselor and businessman. Still, he felt that he needed to develop a hands-on skill set to couple up with all the training and studying that he had undergone.

Therefore, Andrew Rocklage set out to amass experience in his career by working at the EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He also served some clients who were impressed with his legal counsel enough to make him referrals.

He did well to save up for a creative business idea he had. Because of his vision, he became very popular among the legal circles. However, his legal services, no matter how popular and esteemed, are not the main reason he is a household name in Boston. People know him as the innovative businessman with a big smile and pleasant conversation.

Andrew Rocklage started the Sky Zone Trampoline Park from scratch and grew it to become a big success, ever growing financially and regarding marketability. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park was such an innovative concept that it left the residents of Boston in awe.

It was considered unique due to the indoor trampoline parks it features. However, the main reason why the business has continued to grow and flourish really lies in the Sky Zone, Trampoline Park’s impeccable customer services. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage:

Sky Zone, Trampoline Park, through the careful supervision of Andrew Rocklage, only hires the most talented and sociable employees that Boston has to offer. The business is heavily reliant on happy clients for its success and prosperity. Therefore, Andrew does not allow any of his employees to be grumpy and unpleasant.

The business has always been consistent on how it treats all the customers who visit the establishment, making sure that it pleases them all. The business earns impressive referrals from its happy clientele, most of whom keep on coming back for more; sometimes with more friends and family.

Fortunately for Andrew Rocklage and his business, he had an innate ability to keep all his employees vibrant and motivated.

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