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Anthony Petrello’s Contribution To The Success Of Nabors Industries LTD.

Anthony Petrello acquired his Bachelor of Law from the Harvard University. Anthony had also obtained a degree and a master’s degree in mathematics from the famous University of Yale. After his graduation, he worked for the Baker and McKenzie Law Firm where he performed exceptionally well that he was finally named a managing partner of the firm. Anthony has worked in various companies, law firms and served on the board of directors for several companies over the years. He worked at Stewart and Stevenson, LLC as the director. In addition, Anthony served at Hilcorp Energy Company as the director.

Anthony Petrello is currently the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries LTD. Nabors Industries is a large company that is a major provider of offshore drilling rigs in the United States as well as other countries around the world. On LinkedIn, the company possesses and operates the largest drilling rig fleet and provides innovative technology, performance tools as well as drilling services to the gas and oil industry, and thus, reliably transforming the industry. Petrello’s purpose at Nabors Industries is to provide valuable directions and strategies for promoting the company’s success. In 1991, Anthony Petrello received a job offer to join Nabors Industries as the chief operating officer, which he profoundly accepted.

In 2012, Petrello was nominated to chair the company’s board. Over the two decades, he has helped the company to meet its set objectives in the gas and oil industry. From the time Petrello joined Nabors Industries, he has involved the company in many charitable events and society outreach programs. As of late, Petrello has organized a bicycle race to help raise funds for patronizing multiple sclerosis researchers.

A foundation to help the victims of natural calamities and civil disasters was instituted by Petrello. In addition, he funds the youth sports programs and also mentors his employees. Anthony Petrello assists in the operating of activities in Texas Children Hospital, Inc. This hospital is only involved in treating children with separate forms of sicknesses. The thought of helping children with a hospital came about when her daughter was examined and named to have cerebral palsy at the tender age of five. In the quest to seek proper treatment for his daughter, he noticed that there were only a few hospitals, which provided the necessary treatment.

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