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Arthur Becker Goes Out on His Own

Over the past decades, Arthur Becker has made a name for himself as a quiet investor. He’s been a part of numerous companies and played various roles at each. He used to be the CEO of NaviSite before it was sold to Time Warner. He also used to be a senior advisor at the Vera Wang fashion company. Read more on

In recent years, Becker has been exploring the worlds of real estate and early stage biotech companies. He’s become known as quite the “tech mogul.”

As for his many real estate involvements, he mainly served as a silent investor. As the money behind the scenes, Becker has funded some of New York’s biggest developers.

After years of behind in the background, Becker has decided to put his name on one of his condominium projects.

According to Bloomberg, the documents revealed that he’s planning to build an 8-unit building at 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. The units are projected to sell out for around %52.5 million. Becker plans on turning the building into what he calls an “artisanal, boutique building.” He is also planning to have world-renowned interior designer Paris Forino furnish each unit.

In a recent interview, Becker said that he bought the building as a primer. It was kind of a throwback to his early days as a homebuilder. He eventually moved to operating a macadamia orchard in Hawaii, and then, gradually, moved into the tech and finance industries. He further explained that the particular section of Tribeca where 465 Washington is located is a size that he can manage.

Arthur Becker first purchased 465 Washington in 2012. His initial investment was $6.1 million, which was paid to Peter Moore, the previous owner of the building. Moore sold the building so cheap because he was facing a $4.7 million foreclosure lawsuit. Becker is optimistic about the end results of 465 Washington.

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  1. Tara Dominique Tara Dominique

    The news was announced after he’d filed an offering plan with the New York State Attorney General’s office. He seems comfortable spending tens of millions of dollars on the project. It may be so easy for to have concluded that the millions of dollars spent in the project was not really used properly.

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