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Cassio Makes the Choice to Pursue Passion Outside of Music

Cassio Audi became a very successful artist by building his own legacy as a songwriter, but this will not be the end of his story. He would also become successful in the business world because he put time into what he was doing to secure a career in investment planning. He made a serious effort to learn the business world by going to school and getting classes that placed him into the world of business administration. This is how he learned a plethora of new things, and this is also the way that he became a leader in the business world.

Cassio Audi would prove to be very good in what he was doing in business so that made it very easy for him to make the transition into a businessman. He still receives praises for the work that he has done as a songwriter for Viper in the late 80s. A large part of his appeal as a musician comes from the internet and all of the music streaming sites that are now making the music of Viper available. Click here to know more.

Casio Audi started on the songwriting when he was working on the debut album with Viper. This is where he has all of his honorable mention for this group. He would leave the group after this first album, but this is an album that received critical acclaim. That made it much easier for him to stay in the music business if he would have made a choice to do so, but Cassio chose to endeavor into another career even after all of the critical acclaim and fanfare that surrounded the debut Viper album. Cassio made the decision that there was something else that he was interested in doing with his life. He wanted to pursue the financial business world instead.


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