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Cosmetic life of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder and C.E.O of Lime Crime Cosmetics. He was born in Russia and raised in New York. Currently, she is on a mission to prove that cosmetics not only hides imperfections but rather promotes self-expression and freedom. According to Doe, beauty doesn’t refer to that which is natural or that which appears best, but on the contrary, it is what feels acceptable at that particular moment.

Why Create a Cosmetic Line

Creating a cosmetic line was influenced by Doe’s imaginative nature right from when she was a kid. She would always carry pencils and paints with her and put as much color on herself as she possibly could. She later realized that makeup was only a small part of her colorful world which is why she decided to venture into a more lucrative cosmetic industry back in 2004. Apparently, she had opened a new eBay store which she named and registered as Lime Crime. She chose to use her favorite color, bright green, as a rhyme to her page which stands to date. Her love for colors stands for color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines. This was to serve as an encouragement that one should not be too serious with themselves and should have fun with colors. The eBay account was the main reason and inspiration that made her start a cosmetic company under the name Lime Crime.

Idea behind the name Lime Crime

The only thing that Doe didn’t consider was the fact that her company name was only a blessing in disguise with the main positivity being that it could be easily found on Google due to the unique name. Her Idea of registering the company under the name Lime Crime was based on her experience with the eBay account “Lime Crime” which made her like the idea of having her look on the cosmetic brand since she always liked bright and unusual cosmetics and colors.

Bringing Ideas to Life

To implement her entrepreneurship ideas, Doe normally waits for inspiration with patience and at times can take weeks or even months. Whenever she chooses to develop a new product, she always tests it on herself before distributing it to her clients. This ensures that the product is authentic both to the customers and Lime Crime Company.

This article features the life of Doe Deere who is an entrepreneur venturing into the cosmetic world. Doe is a very ambitious entrepreneur who likes experimenting bright colors on her body and her clients. She believes that bright colors bring out the best in people and there is no need to be ashamed while using them.


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