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Don Ressler and his Successful Journey as an Entrepreneur

Adam and Don Ressler first met under Intermix Media. The two met as entrepreneurs building separate businesses. Don Ressler sold to Intermix Media in 2003. The endeavor had seen generate a significant amount of money through the internet based company. After Don and Adam Goldenberg had become friends, Intermix Media changed ownership to News Corporation. Later in 2005, Adam and Don decided to launch their startup. They found out that they were mainly limited to business operations after the change in ownership. Don Ressler could no longer implement his business strategies in Intermix Media.

Don Ressler and Adam first started out by creating an e-commerce platform known as Intelligent Beauty. The firm focuses on brands dealing with beauty and health. People bought from the company because it offered a personalized shopping experience. Don Ressler began to work on different strategies to improve the online customer experience.

Adam and Don Ressler knew that for fashion to work online, it had to be something that was highly social, fun and engaging. They decided to expand Intelligent Beauty to become a highly attractive company on Pando. The best way to expand the business was to focus on an entirely different approach. The company decided that it would concentrate on a membership strategy to offer relevant information for customers. The result was that they launched JustFab. JustFab works on a membership subscription business model. Members receive an extensive collection of accessories, handbags and shoes after subscribing for $39.95 per month.

JustFab has always been on the lookout for untapped business opportunities. The company is always seeking to expand to areas that are untapped. The availability of fun and online social shopping has increased the number of subscribers on JustFab has grown to become an affordable and attractive business for the ordinary person. People can purchase shoes, accessories, and handbags at discounted prices. Most of the items sold are customized according to the buyer’s needs and requirements.

JustFab has always focused on different strategies to expand the business. The company has sought for new opportunities in the market. Because most of the subscribers to the company were parents, the company decided to add children’s fashion. They established a new line of fashion known as FabKids at the start of 2013. Today, Don Ressler focuses on how he can grow his business and expand to other areas of fashion.

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