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Eric Pulier’s Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs

Eric Pulier is a perfect definition of a role model for young businesspersons. Based in California, Los Angeles, Eric is a successful businessperson, entrepreneur, and philanthropist committed to donating funds to various non-profit organizations aimed at empowering young people. Eric grew up in New Jersey, Teaneck where he started generating computer programs at fourth grade in addition to developing a database computer firm in high school. In 1984, Eric started school at the Harvard University and majored in American literature and English. As a Harvard student, Eric worked as an editor, and this is evident from his works as a columnist for the Harvard Crimson.

In 1988, Eric Pulier graduated from the Harvard University with joy and honor. In 1991, Eric relocated to Los Angeles and established a firm called People Doing Things, abbreviated as PDT. People Doing Things focused on addressing health care and education issues via technological use. Eric founded an interactive company called Digital Evolution in 1994. In 1998, Digital Evolution collaborated with the US Interactive LLC. After the merge of Digital Evolution and U.S Interactive, Pulier led his team in the development of Starbright World, a private firm aimed at connecting chronically ill children through blogs, chats, and content sharing. The Starbright World platform also allows the children to meet and share life experiences.

The presidential Inaugural Committee nominated Pulier to develop and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997. The program called the Bridge to the 21st Century held an exhibition in which the then-Vice President participated. The program involved health care and technological initiatives. Pulier served as an active supporter and team player of the Clinton Global Initiative. Eric acted as the founder of various organizations and ventures like Media Platform, Akana, and Desktone. Pulier is the co-author of Understanding Enterprise, a service oriented notebook that focuses on architecture.

He is a member of the Painted Turtle, an organization that organizes camps for children with chronic illness. Mr. Pulier ranks top in the entrepreneurial world. He has ventured into capital groups aimed at financing companies. Pulier is a prominent public speaker at technological conferences across the world.

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  1. Sandra Smith Sandra Smith

    Pulier is a donor of various organizations and is also a board member of the X-Prize Foundation, an organization focused on competitions aimed at solving humanities greatest challenges. This is really a nice way for to have these things discussed in detail and to provide help to them at the right time.

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