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Fabletics Uses The Internet To Enlarge It’s Market Share

Fashion is quite dynamic, and it needs greater creativity to keep in touch with the trends in today’s technological and revolutionary market. Kate Hudson, the CEO of Fabletics, which is an online monthly subscription fashion business understands this very well. She admits that the easiest way to keep in touch with the changes in the marketplace is by ensuring that the relationship established between the business and its clients is always fostered as such enables the gathering of valuable customer data.


In the advent of the internet, much has changed with regards to the processes and techniques that used to be employed in conducting business. Concepts like e-commerce have come about, and they have ended up revolutionizing and raising the bar related to competition levels in the fashion wear niche. In most cases, fashion comes and goes, but Kate Hudson looks forward to a time when the Fabletics products will be able to outlast the competition, the rapidly changing trends of the 21st century, and even the future trends.


Upon establishing Fabletics, Kate Hudson led the business to take such a huge chunk of the market share through customization of products adopting price reduction. The strategy led to the full maximization of profits by the business and the eventual massive subscription from different clients to the point that it has about 1.2 million subscribers who renew their memberships on a monthly basis.


The enterprise has taken advantages of the positive outcome that has been brought about by the social media era, and it has managed to gunner over 21 million followers who ensure that the business can expand its boundaries through the passing of information, which is an essential aspect of any enterprise. Fabletics supplies various products to the market such as Lessee high waist Capri, downy Capri, and leisure Apparels. All the products can be customized and then sold to the clients at a reduced price.


By maintaining a massive following of subscribers and potential customers, it becomes possible to learn the various behavioral characteristics that are typically adopted by the customers, and it is also possible to make predictions on the types of trends that will develop in the future.


In 2016, Fabletics experienced an increase in the level of its sales by 43%, which is quite an enormous value considering that the business had undertaken operation for only four years. In the same period, the enterprise managed to establish more than eighteen outlets to boost its operations, and more importantly to reach the broad base of clients who are continually ordering wear products that have been designed by the firm.

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