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Find World Class Treatment and Accommodations at Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star Hospital, Luxurious and Architecturally Pleasing To The eye

Modern and Immense, the Copa Star hospital can easily claim to be the grandest Hospital facility in Rio De Janeiro. Based on the Copa Star Hospitals architecture alone, the facility stands out as a structure magnificent to behold. The beautifully landscaped grounds and Interior design of the Copa Star Hospital was initially created to be comparable to a five star hotel. The $115 million dollar facility boasts five floors with forty-five intensive care units, more than 150 patient rooms, nine operating rooms and a state-of-the-art diagnostic center. World class treatment in the lap of luxury is the concept for this hospitals conception. Patients from all over the world are taking note of the regal majesty and high-tech services offered only at Copa Star Hospital hospital. So much so, that the D’Or network is already making plans to expand the hospitals indulgent theme to other upper-class areas in Brazil. Particularly the Sao Paolo area is being considered for expansion. Learn more on

Staff and medical services are top-notch

The Hospital Copa Star spared no expense to provide quality hospital services to its elite patients. The hospital incorporates only the most modern technological advances within its perfectly painted walls. With rooms dedicated to hybrid neurosurgery, advanced integrated magnetic resonance equipment, and cutting-edge advances in medicine such as medical Robotics and telemedicine, the Copa Star Hospital is committed to serving with the highest standard of care. The hospitals attending physicians and surgeons are world-renowned and the hiring process at Copa Star is exclusive. Staff and professionals employed at the Copa Star Hospital are trained several months to be able to capably accommodate the needs of the patients who seek reprieve within the doors of Copa Star Hospital.

Technology provides extra rest and relaxation at Copa Star

More than just equipped with MRI machines and amazing surgical equipment, the Copa Star Hospital is devoted to attending to the patients every need. The latest Video conferencing technology is available to patients seeking outside social contact after feeling isolated too long in the hospital. Ipads are provided to give access to all functions provided in each private suite. From controlling the rooms air conditioning, blinds, and lights, to viewing real-time cameras focused on the nearby beach, patients are given control of every aspect of their individual creature comforts.

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Recover in the lap of luxury

Previously, the rich and famous would need to travel a long distance to receive the kind of upscale offerings only found at the Copa Star Hospital. Now, it is thought that the Copa may be putting other luxury brand hospitals out of business, with their exceptional services and immaculate facility. Anyone planning to stay at the Copa Star should double check their wallets, because this facility does take premium flag insurance.

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