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Get An Amazing Color Scheme With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Get rich colors that leave you feeling bold and daring every time you apply your hair color or cosmetics with Lime Crime products. LC was created by CEO, technology expert, and marketing analyst, Doe Deere. She was the first cosmetic developer that decided she would brand a super-foil matte that goes on moist, but dries to a smooth finish. Surprisingly, thousands of women were impressed with her unconventional approach to color and her cosmetic line grew as one of the largest lines in the industry. Her tenacity helped her become the 2016 female entrepreneur of the year. More importantly, Deere strives to create a line that inspires women and encourage them to perfect their unique talent.


Lime Crime is available exclusively through their website with amazing colors like Metallic and Purple sorbet. Now, she has taken her color scheme to new heights with a cool Unicorn hair dye collection that was introduced to her 2.4 million Instagram customers. You get a 700 ml jar that gives you one full application or two touch-ups. Decide where you want your color to go with your makeup and hair with bold color options that are hard to find with other competitor leading cosmetic products.


Your friends will admire your freedom to be bold with your colors. Deere first appreciated the right to have products that people truly loved through marketing novelty tattoos at the age of thirteen in Russia. Her friends were quickly adapting to the trend once she popularized them by wearing them and having cools selections for her friends to choose from. Her move to New York City helped her decide that she would join design school and brand her one of kind cosmetic idea to include super-foil and matte products. They provide complete waterproof protection that lasts throughout the day.


Find many ways to wear her cosmetics and hair dyes by visiting YouTube and taking part in hundreds of free tutorials that offer you cool ways to wear LC. You can also get great products through their sister company, Dolls Kills that will allow you to accessorize, find clothing and shoes to match perfectly with your new look. Doe Deere inspires you to bring out the unicorn in you. Make a bold statement that will help you impress a blind date or take remarkable pictures under the harsh camera lights. You’re invited to become a part of the amazing Lime Crime color revolution today.


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