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Hedge Fund Billionaire George Soros Is Highly Powerful

George Soros can be considered by many as a solitary man. But he is a liberal billionaire too. He has a business empire that dominates the US and even across the ocean all the way in Europe.

Basically, George Soros can forge political machinery which is powered by all his non-profit organizations as well as foundations. This is impacting politics as well as policy in America in a big way.

He lives in New York today. George Soros has put in $147,000 in a committee known as Georgia Safety & Justice. This relates to the independent expenditure. The goal here is to defeat Mr. McCord so that his opponent, Darius Pattillo, a Democrat, gets elected.

Once Mr. McCord saw this happening, he decided to quit so that Mr. Pattillo could run unopposed and win. He did this because he could see the effort that was being put in by George Soros for this. There was space being rented, staff being appointed, and a PR firm from Washington, D.C. was there to back it all. It was a clear indication that Mr. McCord had no chance as he was faced with such might. So this is how George Soros make things happen that he believes in.

During 2015 as well as 2016, he was funding Black Lives Matter. The help was around $7 million. This money was put into 11 local prosecutorial races which were spread all across ten states. Basically, George Soros is interested in implemented criminal justice reforms. And he wants these to happen from the inside. Know more on about George Soros.

This is a strategy of George Soros that has actually managed to pay off. There were 11 races for this county district attorney post. And the candidates who were backed by him won nine.

It is the progressives who have always been appreciating this kind of commitment coming in from George Soros as he helps in electing all those prosecutors who share the same vision. Basically, he is keen to reduce all kinds of racial disparities. It is evident in the way in which some drug offenders get sentenced and directed to diversion programs though they should have been sent to the trials.

A number of donors pour their money into the presidential campaigns or in the congressional campaigns. George Soros is focused on bringing a change in the justice system here in order to make it better. He wants it to become less racist.

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In fact, the candidates benefitting from these donations by George Soros are typically minorities. This clearly indicates that George Soros makes efforts so that the minorities get represented in the State. This way they will become an integral part and get included in the mainstream. This vision of Soros is being promoted in other parts of the world also.

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