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Helping Dentists Come Together On What They Do Best

After years as an associate dentist, trainer and mentor as well as dental director and practice owner, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is now the chief executive of one of the country’s leading dentist-owned dental groups.


MB2 Dental is a dental management and practice development firm built by dentists and centered around self-sufficiency, human growth and having fun.


Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental with the plan to impart the best from both the sole-practitioner and the corporate dentistry sides of the business. Since its launch, the firm now has more than 70 affiliated locations in six states. He credits his success to setting up a standard where doctors and patients come first as well as surrounding himself with very smart people.


An advocate of people working better together than individually, Dr. Villanueva chose his business to be built on people as this makes it possible for the firm to blend the positives of group practices with the positives of the private practices.


In a interview at with Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye, Dr. Villanueva talked about the priority of providing excellent dental care to patients.


He offered his advice on starting a practice from scratch and explained how it takes in questioning everything, including the status quo of a business and looking at what the business needs are before making a decision. According to Dr. Villanueva, technology has played a huge role in allowing fellow doctors to communicate best practices. He pointed out it took years to develop a home-grown reporting software that allows the doctors to spend time strategizing instead of spending time reporting. He recommends every company invest in the resilience of their IT operations.


He also discussed MB2 Dental’s culture is unique by having multiple vendor sponsored events, such as bi-yearly Owner’s Retreats and taking a step further to co-invest in each other’s practices. What’s more, Dr. Villanueva pointed toward the future of dentistry as the second wave. The first wave demanded newer, nicer office space which he said has become the norm. He believes to stay relevant you have to do more than create great facilities and suggested allowing doctors to co-invest in each others practices. For example, MB2Dental helps practices make improvements by offering surroundings for doctors to study and develop from each other.


Dr. Villanueva continues to practice dentistry and also takes pleasure from mentoring new dentists.



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