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InnovaCare Health Broadens Company Vision through Physician Engagement

As a leading provider, for Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare Health has risen to every challenge of the health care sector within North America. Serving over 200,000 members and with an innovative network of almost 8,000 providers, InnovaCare Health has provided high-quality and cost-effective health benefits, meeting the challenges in today’s health care industry.

In order to meet the challenges, InnovaCare Health has needed to remain focused by creating the most-integrated and advanced technologies. With patients remaining as the company’s number one priority, InnovaCare Health continues to redefine an industry with health care management that produces wide-benefit coverage and dependability of quality.

InnovaCare Health utilizes the engagement of their providers in an extremely effective manner. The company not only creates physician support, for advancing their initiatives, InnovaCare Health effectively manages to implement cost-reducing methods and time-consuming ways of providing health care benefits to their Medicaid and Medicare Advantage recipients.

In October 2016, InnovaCare Health was selected as a participant of the California Association of Physicians Group (CAPG) within their annual case studies of excellence. CAPG leads the country with the representation of physician networks using capitated and coordinated of care efforts. InnovaCare Health’s voluntary acceptance of participation within the study, exemplifies the mission which the company continues to drive forward, for delivering quality and value, along with cost-effective coordinated care. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase.

Through the study, InnovaCare Health gained ways to sustain their standards of excellence and ensure their existing methods, for providing quality care, meet their commitment of developing cost-effective models to transform health care management.

Penelope Kokkinides is currently the company’s Chief Administrative Officer. Ms. Kokkinides has aligned InnovaCare Health brilliantly with an emphasis on the integration of advanced technologies. With 20 years of operational experience, Penelope Kokkinides has delivered a broader opportunity to the company’s already high standards of provider care. Ms. Kokkinides specializes in government programs and has served in the capacity of high executive roles, for improving operational efficiency and organizational infrastructures. Since rejoining InnovaCare Health in 2015, Ms. Kokkinides’s expertise in these areas has been very instrumental in the company’s forward vision.

The company’s vision is steered by CEO Dr. Rick Shinto, who has determined the company’s future will be focused on the engagement of physicians to bring enhancements to health care performance. His 20 years of clinical experience has pivoted the company towards growth and innovation. Dr. Shinto is a former Chief Medical Officer, for NAMM of California and has served as CEO, for InnovaCare Health, since 2012. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn.

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