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Josh Verne and His Rules for a Successful Business

If you wish to be successful in both your business and your personal life there are, according to Josh Verne, a couple of rules that you should adopt.

If you want to achieve success, you need your employees to help you. First, you need to earn their respect and be a part of the team effort in order to meet the goals that have been set. In other words, you need to be a leader. Being just the boss will often put some people in a defensive position and you will not get the results that you expect from your team.

Another way you can have success is to find something you really care about and want to work to improve upon. You absolutely need to find something you can “sink your teeth into”, so to speak, something that makes you want to work harder to achieve your goals.

Ultimately it all comes down to a team of people who respect you and your views, not someone who is simply a boss that tells them what he wants then disappears into his office. You want to interact with this team, be a person that interacts with them on a daily basis. Once you create this respect then you will achieve what you set out to do to make your company better and more successful than the next guy.

Josh Verne, a 20-year veteran in the investment business has founded a new and innovative website that caters to college students. The students themselves have created this site where they can connect with their peers and gain information important to them.

The site will be able to explain things like questions about tests or sports. It also has viral content and it is a fresh new approach to gaining information that you possibly could not find on your own.

Mr. Verne also founded a company called workpaysme, which lets the working man purchase brand name items on a flex pay program which is deducted directly or taken as a payroll deduction. He sold this e-commerce venture in 2015.

Mr. Verne is also in the furniture business and is the President of Home Line Furniture. Home Line started out as a regular furniture store and progressed to a wholesale distributor and a source for international furniture which serves retailers across the United States.


So if you are a college student that wants to have fun or learn with or are in the market for furniture from an international source, Mr. Verne can cater to all your needs quite admirably.

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