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Mark Mckenna’s Journey in the Medical and Business Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical practitioner who is attributed by the board with a license to carry out his medicine work in Florida and Georgia states in the US. He is also a philanthropist with the aim of helping the society become a better place. He pursued a degree in medicine from Tulane University Medical School. He immediately started practicing medicine after graduating; he worked with his father at McKenna Venture Investments. This project consisted of real estate growth business. After a while he was able to access other organizations which are Uptown Title Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending. His reputation in the business industry developed immensely thus he established a number of firms that hired more than 50 individuals as well as provided various answers to the financial services and real estate fields.

After the tragedy that Dr.McKenna encountered in August 2005, which entailed Hurricane Katrina taking over New Orleans City, he never lost hope instead he did much more and became accomplished in the business industry. This also motivated him to start from scratch in reconstructing New Orleans City which included building cheap homes.

McKenna then shifted to Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2007 and founded ShapeMed. It is a visual clinic that provides resolution to anyone who is in the need of modifying his or her physical features. The organization was later on attained by Life Time Fitness Inc and as a result Dr.Mark was appointed National Director of the organization. In due time, he moved to OVME and became the CEO of the firm.

He has two incredible daughters by the name Pomeranian and Milana. His wife is called Gianine McKenna. He is participating as a board member of the Entrepreneurs Company, this indicates how hardworking Mark Mckennais.He is an accomplished man who did not achieve so much is a silver platter but through hard work. Throughout his career, McKenna has realized that contemplation helps him to create the best strategy to get accomplished. He is a committed man to what he does, he always wakes up early in the morning to get started with his daily duty and more

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