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Oncotarget: Making Diseases-less Life a Possibility

Oncotarget is an internationally acclaimed academic journal that produces quality research papers that center on the pathological basis of various types of cancers, possible targets for therapy and innovative treatment techniques to manage the patients of cancer. The journal was established in 2010. It is unique in being a multi-disciplinary and peer reviewed journal which can be accessed for free by anyone interested in the study of various strands of cancer. Oncotarget comes with a new issue weekly with publishing online research papers authored by expert researchers. The journal’s free access feature comes a long way to ensure the maximum dissemination of the advanced research in the field of oncology which can easily be used by students and practitioners around the world in order to realize its core mission to make the research and its outputs readily and vastly available. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

The mainstay of Oncotarget is to eradicate one of the most vicious diseases humans are faced with and make a disease-less life a certain future for humankind. It is an objective of Oncotarget to enhance the scientific research through percipient review. The Journal also believes in serving the common cause of humanity by widely sharing the unique discoveries in the field of medical sciences. Furthermore, Oncotarget believes in an integrated process to deal with medical problems and calls for an indiscriminate approach to medical sciences by emphasizing the commonalities between different fields in the discipline of medical sciences.

The Oncotarget’s remarkable success in dealing with the pathological basis of different strands of cancer has led to the extension of its research net to include other fields of the discipline such as Immunology, Microbiology, Autophagy, Cell Death, Aging, Neurotarget, Neuroscience and Circadian Rhythm. Moreover, Oncotarget serves as a platform for freelance researchers to submit their research papers and provides opportunities for emerging and promising writers having an interest in oncology and other fields of medical sciences on its agenda.

Since its inception in 2010, Oncotarget has published numerous research papers encompassing a wide range of pathological explanations of oncology and advanced protocols to manage the dangerous disease of cancer. The journal is successfully treading on its path to make human life a disease-free experience for the common good of humanity.


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