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Squaw Valley Ski Resort Encouraged As The Tide Turns Over Water Problems

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of the best known winter sports locations in the U.S. with a global reputation as it was once the home of the Winter Olympics. The resort is now a popular tourist location and has reported it is now winning a battle it has been fighting to restore a small portion of its water supply to safe drinking levels after a heavier than expected rain storm inundated an isolated number of wells with rain water and made them unsafe for use.


Despite the water problems that have resulted in Squaw Valley turning off the water supplies to parts of its Upper Mountain, including the High Camp and Gold Coast regions, officials at the resort are calling their own water testing procedures a success as the unexpected contamination was identified before any visitor could drink the unhealthy water. Squaw Valley officials identified the presence of E.Coli and Coliform in four wells supplying water to the Upper Mountain area and immediately turned off the four wells and reported the incident to the Placer County Environmental Health Department; the success of the water testing procedures have allowed Squaw Valley officials to report no medical issues have been identified or linked to the contamination of the Upper Mountain water supply.


The Director of Placer County Environmental Health, Wesley Nicks, has already reported three of the four wells show no signs of E.Coli and reduced levels of Coliform. Officials at Squaw Valley have already explained the water supply serving the Upper Mountain area will not be returned to normal until the drinking water supply is declared safe by Placer County officials; the slopes do remain open at Squaw Valley and complimentary bottled water is being provided to those choosing to use the slopes from top to bottom.

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  1. Noor Brixton Noor Brixton

    The eradication of the damaging bacteria in the isolated water supply was begun as soon as the issue was identified with Placer County Environmental Health officials and a team of independent water experts employed by Squaw Valley coming together to work on the problem. There are many things that rush my essay papers have found out that they need PCEH to understand first of all.

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