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The Business Association Between Hussain Sajwani And Donald Trump

Prior to Donald Trump being elected as President there were questions regarding a possible conflict between the best interests of the county and his personal business. The questions have continued since the election due to his worldwide business dealings. President Trump has been attempting to separate his personal and presidential functions although he did praise his partners in Dubai.


A video of the speech Donald Trump made on New Years Eve showed he was checking on the names of the people who were attending the event including Hussain Sajwani. The Damac Owner is one of his business owners in Dubai. The company owned by Mr. Sajwani is called Damac Properties and he partnered with Donald Trump in the building of the Trump International Golf Course.


The Hussain Sajwani family has a son named Abbas who posted numerous social media images of their visit to Florida with the Trumps. According to President Trump the Sajwani family are absolutely beautiful individuals and he was pleased they had come from Dubai for the event.


Ken Gross is an expert in political law and stated President Trump is using his position to enhance his current business relationships. He said he is waiting to see if his official and business functions will be properly sorted out. According to Donald Trumps transition team he did not discuss anything relating to his partnership with Mr Sajwani in Florida. No formal meetings occurred and the visit was strictly social. He was simply enjoying spending his New Years Eve with his friend Hussain Sajwani and his lovely family.


Donald Trump has not as yet been able to dissolve his charitable foundation and cancelled a news conference in December where he was set to announce what his plans were in addressing any conflicts of interests. Donald Trump has stated the meeting will be rescheduled. He does not believe the circumstances will be problematic.


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