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Thor Halvorssen’s Life of Fighting Inhumanity Birthed by Political Figures in Power

Thor Halvorssen, born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, has a burning passion for political activism which he has channeled into every facet of his life. He is a film producer who themes his messages around his political agendas and the revolution of society. He centers his movements on public policy, social advocacy, civil liberties and pro-democracy rights. Currently, Thor is in the process of producing Robert A. Heinlein’s novel, ‘The moon is a harsh mistress.’ His production, Freedom’s Fury, showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival and was about the growing rebellion against the dictatorship in Hungary in the year 1956. Another of his films that premiered at Tribeca, Hammer & Tickle, won the Best Documentary Film award at Zurich Film Festival. The film shows a different way of standing up for the truth in a society under the Soviet rule that prohibits free communication. Thor also produced The Singing Revolution which premiered at Black Nights Festival. The film was a unique creation since it was about a peaceful revolution towards freedom from Soviet tyranny. Thor is one of the producers of 2081, The Sugar Babies, Halo and Uprising of the Stars.

Thor Halvorssen’s previous works include lecturing at the Harvard Law School, giving speeches in United Nations’ forums, the New York City Junto, the British Parliament, and the American Enterprise Institute. Thor set up Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009 to unite activists from around the world in an annual event that takes place in Oslo. The foundation has received numerous descriptions from media platforms that depict it as the gathering of human rights Heros. Thor is the president of Human Rights Foundation, which works towards raising human rights and freeing societies from dictatorial rules. His other involvements include acting as the patron of Children Peace Movement, leading FIRE and establishing Moving Picture Institute. Thor often speaks out against defaulters of human rights such as Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who punishes gay citizens by death. He criticizes Hugo Chavez for breaking the rules protecting human rights in Venezuela and Latin America. Thor is an unstoppable power who was born for such a time as this when societies are overpowering inhuman regimes.

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